Saturday, February 20, 2010

almost two weeks.......

i still really enjoy nofx.they are such a great band.i have loved this band for about 14 years listening to 'leave it alone' from punk in amazing album that reminds me how far ive come since being a teenager.the teens were such a crazy and super dramatic so thankful to have charged through those years and done as much stupid and bad shit as i did.because reaping the benefits of experience,health,willpower,forgiveness,and love.
and of course...... new new getting very high from these workouts and im going it my one to play with yet.i suppose i could join crossfit or somethin....but its very rewarding for me to be in touch and intuitive about my workouts so so new to the super fitness game,and i plan to exell.these first two weeks have taught me a lot.and im doing more now than i had planned heavily considering starting P90X on monday......and of course im beginning krav maga soon.i still have not made it into the krav center here,but i will this week and get started.i gotta save up my tips from work to cover the cost of krav,it will be worth it though..

todays workout was inspired by this super beautiful woman named zuzana.she has a website and she has so many great workouts.i started watching it only because if you ever check out you tube and look up fitness stuff you will come across this super hottie working i just checked out the link to watch this beauty working out and i noticed that one.
she is in amazing,super amazing shape.
she is just working out at home
she isnt using crazy gym gear,just stuff you can use at home.maybe a dumbell or two.

so anyway,she does these interval sets.far more....far more harder than what im doing,but it just inspired me to do 3 sets of 6 different exercises as fast and as quality as i could with a break for water in between each well,i incorporated my goal of 1000 daily jumping jacks...
it looked like this...

anything to get the blood pumping,just a lil jogging in place and some side jumping and knee ups....

100 jumpingjacks
10 push ups
10 resistance band squats
10 knee to chest jumps
10 burpees
30 sec of plank
200 jumping jacks.

i did this 3 times and on the last one i did 20leg lifts from laying down followed by the last 100 jumping jacks.and there you have it.

tomorrow marks my official 2 weeks of working out every day!!!!i fully commit to making this just a part of my lifestyle.workout everyday,and take the occasional day off,but keep it and active day off.its good to rest too,but i feel like the rest of my day is a rest compared to exercising.say for instance,this morning.....i did spent an hour checking out inspiring vids on you tube before i could get myself to was the hardest day to get started for sure,but also my best and favorite work out so far.i got my heart rate up,i was sweating a lot,and i pushed my self.even if just a little really is about little victories all day long,as i said last night,these little victories culminate into an overall amazing feeling and its called...momentum and well a high dose of gratitude.

which is right drinking a drink with
brazil nut
hemp pro.
cacao nib
frozen banana
him. salt

and makin a take with me.and im going to let myself have another delicious vegan hoagie at work if i feel the need.and BIG TIME.....still not drinking beer or wine or anything like that.just the good real stuff.ive got some big fitness goals and with the new program its getting easier to commit to new habits that are amazing....eventually letting old paradigm jared burn up in the fire of my new self.....

im off to make a salad,do some dishes,and go to work for 12 hours...
have a great day blog of mine...

and if anyone reads this..


  1. A short but effective workout that I have been using before my cardio is:

    5 mins of stretching(legs, core, arms, back, neck)

    30 pilates style crunches with legs fully extended and perpendicular to your body at a right angle

    30 pilates style "bicycle" crunches(legs alternating with elbow-to-knee action)

    30 second hold in "V" where just your butt is touching the ground, everything else off the ground

    30 push-ups(can mix in knee-down push-ups if regular are too difficult at first)
    30 second hold in plank

    15 supermans(or reverse crunches - on stomach slightly arching torso backwards, lifting arms/legs off ground)

    30 squats(hands behind head, bending knees to slightly above 90 degrees)

    30 calf-raisers(works well to stand on a stair/ledge, and lift up onto the balls of your feet)

    That's basically what I have been doing mixed in with some other weights, before I go into a run, swim, etc.

  2. sweet!i like this.and im exited that you shared some info.getting comments is going to try this out tomorrow before my interval sprints!!thanks again.