Thursday, February 25, 2010

feb 25th....well hello there 2000 jumping are you a good time...

day 18.working out daily
day 7 no drinking or smoking
day 4 p90x
2000 jumping jacks...

p90x today.and 2000 jumping jacks.these jumping jacks are getting out of hand but i have a small goal of doing 5000 in one go.just for myself to do that.i think it is fun.i know that they are good for well i am really enjoying the p90x program.i will continue with it until my buddy asks for it borrowing it.maybe by the time he asks for it back i will have a lot of the exercises memorized?i dont know....
it is a cool little system.i believe it is a reasonable price to buy brand new and for only 3 months it is worth it.basically you commit to the program for 3 months and you see some pretty major results from what i have seen of folks who stick to it.
but in my opinion,especially with spring approaching,after 3 months,get outside and start playing like a kid again.only now you would be a whole lot stronger after 3 months of p90x so you could jump all over the place like this guy...

check out this website.this guys in crazy good shape and its all natural.
im really gettin inspired by this for my spring and summer routines...


they say it takes 21 days to form a new habit.and after 90 days its a lifestyle change.
im liking that.
3 days to go and i have myself a new habit!
working out every day.and keeping track of it too.

i think its all about lots of tiny victories everyday.and those little victories add up.and the next thing you know..
youre doing shit that you never thought you could do.
its having a great impact on me here,so im
getting back on the program of:

setting goals.
writing my mission statement(a must if you have not,give it a try!)
reviewing goals daily.
what steps could i take now to get these goals started.
eating amazing food.
goji power.
creative visualization.
lets not forget gratitude.

goin for 3000 jumping jacks tomorrow in addition to my p90x and actively pursuing some dumbells for me to use.

i bet at just one day at a time....lots of little victories,
every week, a new few major goals
and then every 21 days i got some great stuff to work with,
3 weeks at a time.
i like this...

have a great day!


setting goals

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