Thursday, February 25, 2010


todays 2000 jumping jacks was brought to you by my chemical romance.good music for lots of the same jumping arm flailing fun.the rest of the workout was powered by julian casablancas' new record 'phrazes for the young"

as well i would like to city.
todays pre workout drink was goji,1/2 a nana,and noni,about 13 oz of it 40 minutes before i worked out.
then an amazing super drink after including lots of polypore mushrooms and cacao to say the least.

if anyone is interested....
im looking into a chaga mushroom hunting trip here in the near future so let me know if that is something you would like to be a part of.....
and if you dont know what chaga is,or why you might want to put it in your body,you can ask me that as well..

create and amazing day!!!

feb 25th....well hello there 2000 jumping are you a good time...

day 18.working out daily
day 7 no drinking or smoking
day 4 p90x
2000 jumping jacks...

p90x today.and 2000 jumping jacks.these jumping jacks are getting out of hand but i have a small goal of doing 5000 in one go.just for myself to do that.i think it is fun.i know that they are good for well i am really enjoying the p90x program.i will continue with it until my buddy asks for it borrowing it.maybe by the time he asks for it back i will have a lot of the exercises memorized?i dont know....
it is a cool little system.i believe it is a reasonable price to buy brand new and for only 3 months it is worth it.basically you commit to the program for 3 months and you see some pretty major results from what i have seen of folks who stick to it.
but in my opinion,especially with spring approaching,after 3 months,get outside and start playing like a kid again.only now you would be a whole lot stronger after 3 months of p90x so you could jump all over the place like this guy...

check out this website.this guys in crazy good shape and its all natural.
im really gettin inspired by this for my spring and summer routines...


they say it takes 21 days to form a new habit.and after 90 days its a lifestyle change.
im liking that.
3 days to go and i have myself a new habit!
working out every day.and keeping track of it too.

i think its all about lots of tiny victories everyday.and those little victories add up.and the next thing you know..
youre doing shit that you never thought you could do.
its having a great impact on me here,so im
getting back on the program of:

setting goals.
writing my mission statement(a must if you have not,give it a try!)
reviewing goals daily.
what steps could i take now to get these goals started.
eating amazing food.
goji power.
creative visualization.
lets not forget gratitude.

goin for 3000 jumping jacks tomorrow in addition to my p90x and actively pursuing some dumbells for me to use.

i bet at just one day at a time....lots of little victories,
every week, a new few major goals
and then every 21 days i got some great stuff to work with,
3 weeks at a time.
i like this...

have a great day!


setting goals

feb 24th.

feb 24th day 17 working out every day
day 6 no drinx or smokes
day 3 of p90x
1500 jumping jacks.

first time doing 500 jumping jacks at once.
so i did another 1000 at once.
1500 for the first time.
its a funny goal.but i guess i have to do it. i
worked shoulders and arms,biceps,triceps with p90x.

i do not have dumbells yet so i did a lot of the exercises with 1 gallon glass water jugs or the
resistance bands.
very frustrating actually.need to get me some dumbells.
pretty much all raw for the day food wise.

really getting to a point in my life where i feel i do not need to be 100 percent raw all of the time.i believe that it is a great way to begin a cleanse.clean out the body.even do all raw for months at a time,but it is most important to eat real food.all the time.whole foods.
im still vegan,have been for 8 yrs now..
but i am open to doing whatever may bring me the highest levels of health that is possible.for me that may include things like

its the velvet that grows on the horns of young buck deers,they end up scraping it all off once they reach a certain point,and i know of a few companies that gather this velvet in the kindest and natural of ways and make it into a food that can be ingested for optimal health.

there are many other things like this now available.
id even be open to trying some raw unpasteurized goat cheeze maybe.
i know i would love some good fermented gourmet raw vegan cheese though.

im just trying to say that id dont matter if you are vegetarian,pescitarian,vegan,raw,or beyond..
just make sure to eat real,whole if possible.avoid all the lovley illuminati confectioneries and enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Monday, February 22, 2010


thats it.i need say nothing other than this man is inspiring me...... A LOT.
so if you got some virtual time,why not take a virtual stroll to his you tube videos and learn some shit.

thank you.....

i aint trickin if you got it.....

day 15 of working out everyday
day4 no drinking or any bullshit
day 15 of feeling so damn good.

ratatat,julian casablancas,t.i.,kid cudi,at-the-drive-in!!!love that band.


brazil nut
local raw honey
hemp pro
sunfood raw cacao powder(damn fine yum yum...)
a few chunks of frozen nana
and of course,

kale(messaged with flax oil,him. salt,lemon,)
mustard green
and a lot of spiriulina.

i had a quick smoothie this morning just banana and small scoop of hemp protein to get the day going.....
i didn't work out first thing this morning because i was so damn exhausted from yesterday,i slept in till 11 am. only 5 hrs of sleep and i started practicing for my audition in my voice over acting work.i auditioned for nerf(super soaker) went well.
then i biked home from there so 5.8 mi total when i got home,and i was sooooo ready for a workout today.
i started the p90x not super freakin on this thing,but i do think its amazing and has a lot to offer.i did the plyometrics today which was by far the hardest thing i have done so far.its an hour long workout solid.including a 8 min. warmup and then a blaze of different sets full of fun plyocraziness....
one thing that was fun for me..
squat jumping jacks but squating.....crazy stuff.
and i still did my 1000 jumping jacks today.well on my way to my 30,000 jumping jacks in 30 looks crazy when i type it,but they feel so good.

so kinda took it easy.
worked 21 hours on fri and sat(combined hrs)in a very fast paced crazy environment on top of biking and working out and running errands so yesterdays workout was like a day off.
250 jumping jacks
5 min deep breathing super stretch
200 jumping jacks
200 jumping jacks
5 min shadow boxing
25 controlled and slow side kicks
100 as fast as i could jumping jacks....
that was it.
then i went to work.
thats allright though.i dont have to be wild everyday.
just most of them.

is produced naturally in the body.and the best way to get your body to release it is with interval sprints.
a quick 5 min jog,then sprint for 60 sec,slow jog for 60,
repeat as long as you can for maybe 10 minutes
and finish up with a jog of 5 min.
then wait an hour before you eat or drink a super tonic elixir..

H.G.H. burns fat more than anything,and your body releases it often in active people. you achieve an h.g.h . flush and you know this because your skin turns red and maybe a little itchy or tingly.thats when you know you got it.and can then begin your short jog......this interval thing is something im looking into a lot more and i know from some of the sexiest people ive known that it works.cause they have told me about it tomorrow im going to do the interval training and 1500 jumping jacks and thats it for in the burning as much fat as i can phase right now before i go on to a little bit of sculpting.

working out is great.we have a million different ways to work out(yoga,pilates,weight training,movnat((which you gotta check out)),martial arts,gardening,sports,i mean shit man.there is no excuse to not exercise)

sooooo many having a good time exploring a lot of em right now and seeing what i like and do not like.i have not been bored once and i feel so damn good after every workout that its just gotta be a daily waking up.and eating lean,whole,non processed food,and know what im talkin about?

go to the co-op
buy highest quality yerba mate
put 3 cups of dry mate into huge bowl
add enough water to get wet,
heat up some more water to 120 degrees
then add to mate
let soak for an hour
you now have mate concentrate for a quick energy boost through out the day.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

almost two weeks.......

i still really enjoy nofx.they are such a great band.i have loved this band for about 14 years listening to 'leave it alone' from punk in amazing album that reminds me how far ive come since being a teenager.the teens were such a crazy and super dramatic so thankful to have charged through those years and done as much stupid and bad shit as i did.because reaping the benefits of experience,health,willpower,forgiveness,and love.
and of course...... new new getting very high from these workouts and im going it my one to play with yet.i suppose i could join crossfit or somethin....but its very rewarding for me to be in touch and intuitive about my workouts so so new to the super fitness game,and i plan to exell.these first two weeks have taught me a lot.and im doing more now than i had planned heavily considering starting P90X on monday......and of course im beginning krav maga soon.i still have not made it into the krav center here,but i will this week and get started.i gotta save up my tips from work to cover the cost of krav,it will be worth it though..

todays workout was inspired by this super beautiful woman named zuzana.she has a website and she has so many great workouts.i started watching it only because if you ever check out you tube and look up fitness stuff you will come across this super hottie working i just checked out the link to watch this beauty working out and i noticed that one.
she is in amazing,super amazing shape.
she is just working out at home
she isnt using crazy gym gear,just stuff you can use at home.maybe a dumbell or two.

so anyway,she does these interval sets.far more....far more harder than what im doing,but it just inspired me to do 3 sets of 6 different exercises as fast and as quality as i could with a break for water in between each well,i incorporated my goal of 1000 daily jumping jacks...
it looked like this...

anything to get the blood pumping,just a lil jogging in place and some side jumping and knee ups....

100 jumpingjacks
10 push ups
10 resistance band squats
10 knee to chest jumps
10 burpees
30 sec of plank
200 jumping jacks.

i did this 3 times and on the last one i did 20leg lifts from laying down followed by the last 100 jumping jacks.and there you have it.

tomorrow marks my official 2 weeks of working out every day!!!!i fully commit to making this just a part of my lifestyle.workout everyday,and take the occasional day off,but keep it and active day off.its good to rest too,but i feel like the rest of my day is a rest compared to exercising.say for instance,this morning.....i did spent an hour checking out inspiring vids on you tube before i could get myself to was the hardest day to get started for sure,but also my best and favorite work out so far.i got my heart rate up,i was sweating a lot,and i pushed my self.even if just a little really is about little victories all day long,as i said last night,these little victories culminate into an overall amazing feeling and its called...momentum and well a high dose of gratitude.

which is right drinking a drink with
brazil nut
hemp pro.
cacao nib
frozen banana
him. salt

and makin a take with me.and im going to let myself have another delicious vegan hoagie at work if i feel the need.and BIG TIME.....still not drinking beer or wine or anything like that.just the good real stuff.ive got some big fitness goals and with the new program its getting easier to commit to new habits that are amazing....eventually letting old paradigm jared burn up in the fire of my new self.....

im off to make a salad,do some dishes,and go to work for 12 hours...
have a great day blog of mine...

and if anyone reads this..

its four thirty four a.m. and you can have whatever you like.

dear blog.i have no followers yet.even so,you are my friend helping me to keep myself in check and push myself further every day so as to attain many small victories everyday leading to a total transmutation of my being........

listening to illuminati super pop music and literally counting stacks of cash from a long night at work.its pretty warm out. 20 degrees.i really love the ride home. its a beautiful chance to enjoy the city without all the selfish like learning to enjoy a lot of time spent well i love my friends dearly and equally enjoy spending time with them...
so before i go to bed for a nap....

a quick recap of the day...

wake up.still drunk from being very social.four hours of sleep and thank god my first thought was"stand out.get going"
and so i did.

quick warm up
10 slow full sun salutations breathing very slow,and as deep in and out as possible.taking my time with any posture that feels amazing.

after five of those i grabbed the skin brush and went to town,then the last five s.s. felt so skin could breathe and i felt the im gonna use that again.

100 jumping jacks

25 squats with Resistance bands
25 more
and again with 25

75 all together

25 knee to elbow sit ups,
3 times

75 of those,

200 jumping jacks
shot of aloe
200 more jumping jacks
sip of water
200 more jumping jacks
200 more even
and finally
100 jumping jacks.

so i made it.1000 jumping jacks.
and they are really good.harder than i thought it would be.but that was my i will keep with this for the week.
7000 jumping jacks this week then!!!!

so that covers todays workout,
but what about food?

i did not eat all raw.mostly raw.but i had a delicious vegan hoagie at work on my break piled super high with veggies.almost enough to qualify this as eating two hoagies.i was hungry.

i did not drink beer.only water and elixir and yes i did use the old steaz energy drink to make it through work tonite.i know...i need to just make me some mate concentrate and bring that to work.

after workout elixir.

local raw honey.
e 3 live
cacao nibs
hemp protein
4 brazil nuts


mustard green
raw tahini
him. salt

all in salad form....

man...i really wanna write some more,but so tired and im back at work in ten hours.i will catch up on some fun stuff 2moro

so i modify the challenge i set for myself to just sticking with sobriety from beer.and drinks in general.mostly raw.and still work out every damn day!!!!because its amazing.and im allowing more amazing in....

good nite

Thursday, February 18, 2010


i work at my wild downtown job tomorrow and for the next 3 goal,my challenge for these few days is...
only raw food.
continue to work out
(1000 jumping jacks plus 500 regular exercise)
so no drinking,
no cooked food,
and to make a plan for the next two months.
and how to get to Austin Texas for the first week in may......

tomorrow i will post my foods,smoothies,elixirs i take,and a little bit of why i would take such things.

a quote i like
"nothing can stop me as long as my desire to succeed is strong enough"

now.....for some piano playing and music writing.....

have a drink.get lost.its only 15 degrees....thats not bad...

i had yesterday off from i decided to ride my bike.a default tactic to avoid boredom and energy wasting endeavors.i had a good ride in the morning.i woke up and worked out..
warm up with ten slow breaths in down dog
100 jumping jacks
30 up and down dogs
30 side kicks,each leg
25 up and down dogs
20 up and down dogs
15 up and down dogs
10 up and down dogs
50 supercats(its crazy,i dint know what to call it yet...ill see if i can find out the real name..)
that's it for the workout yesterday as i was very very sore from previous day.
so i rode the bike.
very easy,
get on bike,
ride to greenway
ride past hopkins,
ride home.
and it was a beautiful ride.very warm out.(almost 30)i took the road bike out(dale jr.)and only had to walk it maybe a mile due to sheer ice on the greenway.otherwise it was looking forward to a longer version of this route in the spring time.
so i got home and napped.for two hours.
then i went to my place of work and played trivia and won.gave my prizes to my co-players and also had two beers and a whiskey and thought "i should bike to st.paul.its only midnight,and its only ten miles...."i was trying to go to a bar i had never been to and generally just wanted to explore st.paul a little bit. i never go out there idea was fun,but i was drunk.and i got very very lost.i ended up riding for another almost four hours trying to find my way to a road that would bring me back to Minneapolis.i didn't bring food or water and i was drunk so it was not the best plan i have had ever,,,but i did it anyway.i saw some really cool parts of saint paul but was getting really really cold as i did not bring much for layers.i eventually made it back to Minneapolis and after another 20 something mile ride i crashed only a few miles from my house and was done.thank god for my amazing friend and roommate whom i called at 330 am and said"im hurt.and tired,i need a ride
" and he scooped me up and brought me home.
another adventure in winterland.
its cold dress appropriately or you might get hurt.but its SO is like living on another planet biking up here.
i meet riders everyday who ride more than i did daily.over 50 plus a day.even when its below zero.i only ride six miles at the most on a sub zero day.we got some real crazies here.i guess you gotta be to enjoy it.


first post.bring you up to speed.and bring myself up to speed.......

i set this up a while ago.actually in January.on the first i the moment i thought "this will be a good way to help me keep myself in check" so i started a blog.and then i waited almost two months to i will bring you up to speed, but I'm not sure where to start,so i will just start. i am sure i will fill in the gaps along the way.

today is Feb, 17th.2010.
and I'm still not raw.i am healthy yes,but no where near where i want to be for my own self.a place i know i can get to,but only i can make sure that i do honest look at where i am at tells me I'm not working as hard as i can to be as amazing as i lets have a look at what I'm going to change.
I'm going to change my whole self.body,mind and spirit.and I'm starting out very simple.all i need to do is eat raw,exercise daily,and pursue my wildest dreams.this is all much easier to type than to put in action though.
so far i have been exercising every day.this is outside of my normal bike commuting and running around.its a daily regimen that started out with a little game called 500.this started in Early January,but i was not very serious or committed to it so i was very loose with in maybe 3 times a week.and i quit smoking too.(however i still take a few drags here and there,like 2 times this week!i know,what am i doing.....just being honest..)as of today it is day 11 of super exercise and I'm in love with this new habit.i feel so amazing every time i am done,stronger,and more confident,less stressed..etc.a million different benefits for sure.

for some crazy reason i am still drinking.and a lot i think.2-4 on a 3-5 nite a week basis.i have my excuses of course but this has got to stop.its very simple.stop drinking alcohol,(beer for sure,perhaps a Lil wine from time to time may or may not be in the mix?)being completely honest with myself though, icon i have to stop this drinking all together. i want to be as amazing as possible and that involves a very focused state of being for what i want to achieve.drinking only slows me down.but i kinda really enjoy one of those fine bell's two hearted ale's after a night at my job,which is crazy to the max on the weekends.i dint usually stop work until 3 or four in the morning and then my co workers and i "relax' with a brew.its a custom and a habit that i am changing.

and by the way,this blog is simply about me being honest with myself about what i am trying to do with my life.its not about telling any of the readers that they are un healthy or not good enough.its only a competition with oneself to do and be the best one may want to be.i just thought it would be cool to share this and maybe i can help a few people along the way.that would be a huge reason for me to do if anyone has any questions at anytime,just let me know and i will answer them.

continuing on............

500,a fun game.all i do is 500 of anything in any combo.say for instance,300 jumping jacks,50 push ups,50 squats,50 sit ups,25 curls on each side. BAM! is a great way to begin a new exercise program because you can do different things everyday and not get well as forcing me to research new things i can do and what others are doing to always keep it fresh. 11 days ago i woke up thinking"man,i gotta start this exercise thing,everyday.but not maybe i will just do 100 jumping biggie.then ill start tomorrow".im so glad i tricked my self into that because of course i kept going.after 100 jumping jacks i was warmed up and high so i kept going.just a few days ago i even did 875 jumping jacks in addition to the 500!now by super athlete status this is no big deal.prolly just a warm up compared to what top fitness folks are doing,but here is the key.i am taking daily action.and getting stronger every day.soon,who knows what i will be able to do.

food.its great.gotta have it.enjoy it.and addicted to it.i know i use it when im sad,or tired.i eat pretty darn well.vegan for almost ten years.i eat a lot of good raw food.and superfoods.but again,its prolly better to look at what i dont eat and what i am stopping eating.i know what i need.and i get it.but i also give my body crap and it keeps me from my personal best.
beer,food from my work,even those delicious vegan sammies,cliff bars,steaz energy drinks,occasional coffee,occasional super hearty Minnesota vegan breffast at seward cafe,and its sooooooo good.i mean really great.and i suppose for most people this might even be a step up from what they eat now.its a huge step up for me from years ago when i weighed almost 300 pounds and ate as much crap as possible.but this will not due.

what i want...

a super lean body capable of jumping over cars,swimming miles,running through Fields and forests for fun(super hiking)rock climbing,biking all over this planet,capable of remembering everything and maintain a very high vibration.i want to cut out the body fat,and what body fat i need i want to be from plant source,coco,avo,cacao!!!!i want to make this as fun for me as possible so i may keep this lifestyle always,and always evolve to the next level,always being grateful for where im at and always open to the next step,recognizing my intuition as an indicator of my next move.
a raw vegan body is as sexy as it least in my opinion.i know that i am only interested in women who take care of themselves at such a high standard,i want only to be able to offer them the same thing!it feels so damn good to be extremely fit and sexy.not only that...
with such an amazing lifestyle i know from past experience that all my creativity expands exponentially.i write better music,i retain information faster and can do new things quicker and with less materials,or energy than previous.

im quickly finding out as i write this,that there is a lot to
i will add to this something everyday about my workout,diet,and studies in hopes that you may find something that helps you on your going to be brutally honest here too.even when its hard for me to admit.but i feel that transparency is

here is to post one.and here is to many more to come.may this help me find my purpose in life and may it help me to stay exited about amazing health at all times in all ways..