Thursday, February 25, 2010

feb 24th.

feb 24th day 17 working out every day
day 6 no drinx or smokes
day 3 of p90x
1500 jumping jacks.

first time doing 500 jumping jacks at once.
so i did another 1000 at once.
1500 for the first time.
its a funny goal.but i guess i have to do it. i
worked shoulders and arms,biceps,triceps with p90x.

i do not have dumbells yet so i did a lot of the exercises with 1 gallon glass water jugs or the
resistance bands.
very frustrating actually.need to get me some dumbells.
pretty much all raw for the day food wise.

really getting to a point in my life where i feel i do not need to be 100 percent raw all of the time.i believe that it is a great way to begin a cleanse.clean out the body.even do all raw for months at a time,but it is most important to eat real food.all the time.whole foods.
im still vegan,have been for 8 yrs now..
but i am open to doing whatever may bring me the highest levels of health that is possible.for me that may include things like

its the velvet that grows on the horns of young buck deers,they end up scraping it all off once they reach a certain point,and i know of a few companies that gather this velvet in the kindest and natural of ways and make it into a food that can be ingested for optimal health.

there are many other things like this now available.
id even be open to trying some raw unpasteurized goat cheeze maybe.
i know i would love some good fermented gourmet raw vegan cheese though.

im just trying to say that id dont matter if you are vegetarian,pescitarian,vegan,raw,or beyond..
just make sure to eat real,whole if possible.avoid all the lovley illuminati confectioneries and enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

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