Thursday, February 18, 2010

have a drink.get lost.its only 15 degrees....thats not bad...

i had yesterday off from i decided to ride my bike.a default tactic to avoid boredom and energy wasting endeavors.i had a good ride in the morning.i woke up and worked out..
warm up with ten slow breaths in down dog
100 jumping jacks
30 up and down dogs
30 side kicks,each leg
25 up and down dogs
20 up and down dogs
15 up and down dogs
10 up and down dogs
50 supercats(its crazy,i dint know what to call it yet...ill see if i can find out the real name..)
that's it for the workout yesterday as i was very very sore from previous day.
so i rode the bike.
very easy,
get on bike,
ride to greenway
ride past hopkins,
ride home.
and it was a beautiful ride.very warm out.(almost 30)i took the road bike out(dale jr.)and only had to walk it maybe a mile due to sheer ice on the greenway.otherwise it was looking forward to a longer version of this route in the spring time.
so i got home and napped.for two hours.
then i went to my place of work and played trivia and won.gave my prizes to my co-players and also had two beers and a whiskey and thought "i should bike to st.paul.its only midnight,and its only ten miles...."i was trying to go to a bar i had never been to and generally just wanted to explore st.paul a little bit. i never go out there idea was fun,but i was drunk.and i got very very lost.i ended up riding for another almost four hours trying to find my way to a road that would bring me back to Minneapolis.i didn't bring food or water and i was drunk so it was not the best plan i have had ever,,,but i did it anyway.i saw some really cool parts of saint paul but was getting really really cold as i did not bring much for layers.i eventually made it back to Minneapolis and after another 20 something mile ride i crashed only a few miles from my house and was done.thank god for my amazing friend and roommate whom i called at 330 am and said"im hurt.and tired,i need a ride
" and he scooped me up and brought me home.
another adventure in winterland.
its cold dress appropriately or you might get hurt.but its SO is like living on another planet biking up here.
i meet riders everyday who ride more than i did daily.over 50 plus a day.even when its below zero.i only ride six miles at the most on a sub zero day.we got some real crazies here.i guess you gotta be to enjoy it.


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