Thursday, February 18, 2010

first post.bring you up to speed.and bring myself up to speed.......

i set this up a while ago.actually in January.on the first i the moment i thought "this will be a good way to help me keep myself in check" so i started a blog.and then i waited almost two months to i will bring you up to speed, but I'm not sure where to start,so i will just start. i am sure i will fill in the gaps along the way.

today is Feb, 17th.2010.
and I'm still not raw.i am healthy yes,but no where near where i want to be for my own self.a place i know i can get to,but only i can make sure that i do honest look at where i am at tells me I'm not working as hard as i can to be as amazing as i lets have a look at what I'm going to change.
I'm going to change my whole self.body,mind and spirit.and I'm starting out very simple.all i need to do is eat raw,exercise daily,and pursue my wildest dreams.this is all much easier to type than to put in action though.
so far i have been exercising every day.this is outside of my normal bike commuting and running around.its a daily regimen that started out with a little game called 500.this started in Early January,but i was not very serious or committed to it so i was very loose with in maybe 3 times a week.and i quit smoking too.(however i still take a few drags here and there,like 2 times this week!i know,what am i doing.....just being honest..)as of today it is day 11 of super exercise and I'm in love with this new habit.i feel so amazing every time i am done,stronger,and more confident,less stressed..etc.a million different benefits for sure.

for some crazy reason i am still drinking.and a lot i think.2-4 on a 3-5 nite a week basis.i have my excuses of course but this has got to stop.its very simple.stop drinking alcohol,(beer for sure,perhaps a Lil wine from time to time may or may not be in the mix?)being completely honest with myself though, icon i have to stop this drinking all together. i want to be as amazing as possible and that involves a very focused state of being for what i want to achieve.drinking only slows me down.but i kinda really enjoy one of those fine bell's two hearted ale's after a night at my job,which is crazy to the max on the weekends.i dint usually stop work until 3 or four in the morning and then my co workers and i "relax' with a brew.its a custom and a habit that i am changing.

and by the way,this blog is simply about me being honest with myself about what i am trying to do with my life.its not about telling any of the readers that they are un healthy or not good enough.its only a competition with oneself to do and be the best one may want to be.i just thought it would be cool to share this and maybe i can help a few people along the way.that would be a huge reason for me to do if anyone has any questions at anytime,just let me know and i will answer them.

continuing on............

500,a fun game.all i do is 500 of anything in any combo.say for instance,300 jumping jacks,50 push ups,50 squats,50 sit ups,25 curls on each side. BAM! is a great way to begin a new exercise program because you can do different things everyday and not get well as forcing me to research new things i can do and what others are doing to always keep it fresh. 11 days ago i woke up thinking"man,i gotta start this exercise thing,everyday.but not maybe i will just do 100 jumping biggie.then ill start tomorrow".im so glad i tricked my self into that because of course i kept going.after 100 jumping jacks i was warmed up and high so i kept going.just a few days ago i even did 875 jumping jacks in addition to the 500!now by super athlete status this is no big deal.prolly just a warm up compared to what top fitness folks are doing,but here is the key.i am taking daily action.and getting stronger every day.soon,who knows what i will be able to do.

food.its great.gotta have it.enjoy it.and addicted to it.i know i use it when im sad,or tired.i eat pretty darn well.vegan for almost ten years.i eat a lot of good raw food.and superfoods.but again,its prolly better to look at what i dont eat and what i am stopping eating.i know what i need.and i get it.but i also give my body crap and it keeps me from my personal best.
beer,food from my work,even those delicious vegan sammies,cliff bars,steaz energy drinks,occasional coffee,occasional super hearty Minnesota vegan breffast at seward cafe,and its sooooooo good.i mean really great.and i suppose for most people this might even be a step up from what they eat now.its a huge step up for me from years ago when i weighed almost 300 pounds and ate as much crap as possible.but this will not due.

what i want...

a super lean body capable of jumping over cars,swimming miles,running through Fields and forests for fun(super hiking)rock climbing,biking all over this planet,capable of remembering everything and maintain a very high vibration.i want to cut out the body fat,and what body fat i need i want to be from plant source,coco,avo,cacao!!!!i want to make this as fun for me as possible so i may keep this lifestyle always,and always evolve to the next level,always being grateful for where im at and always open to the next step,recognizing my intuition as an indicator of my next move.
a raw vegan body is as sexy as it least in my opinion.i know that i am only interested in women who take care of themselves at such a high standard,i want only to be able to offer them the same thing!it feels so damn good to be extremely fit and sexy.not only that...
with such an amazing lifestyle i know from past experience that all my creativity expands exponentially.i write better music,i retain information faster and can do new things quicker and with less materials,or energy than previous.

im quickly finding out as i write this,that there is a lot to
i will add to this something everyday about my workout,diet,and studies in hopes that you may find something that helps you on your going to be brutally honest here too.even when its hard for me to admit.but i feel that transparency is

here is to post one.and here is to many more to come.may this help me find my purpose in life and may it help me to stay exited about amazing health at all times in all ways..


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  1. Hell yeah on the goal. Striving for optimum health is great. Take it slowly, really make your changes on a lifestyle level, not on a fleeting/temporary "diet-style" level. May balance, patience, persistence, self-forgiveness endow you on this quest.
    Next time you come down, let's go run through the forest my friend.