Saturday, February 20, 2010

its four thirty four a.m. and you can have whatever you like.

dear blog.i have no followers yet.even so,you are my friend helping me to keep myself in check and push myself further every day so as to attain many small victories everyday leading to a total transmutation of my being........

listening to illuminati super pop music and literally counting stacks of cash from a long night at work.its pretty warm out. 20 degrees.i really love the ride home. its a beautiful chance to enjoy the city without all the selfish like learning to enjoy a lot of time spent well i love my friends dearly and equally enjoy spending time with them...
so before i go to bed for a nap....

a quick recap of the day...

wake up.still drunk from being very social.four hours of sleep and thank god my first thought was"stand out.get going"
and so i did.

quick warm up
10 slow full sun salutations breathing very slow,and as deep in and out as possible.taking my time with any posture that feels amazing.

after five of those i grabbed the skin brush and went to town,then the last five s.s. felt so skin could breathe and i felt the im gonna use that again.

100 jumping jacks

25 squats with Resistance bands
25 more
and again with 25

75 all together

25 knee to elbow sit ups,
3 times

75 of those,

200 jumping jacks
shot of aloe
200 more jumping jacks
sip of water
200 more jumping jacks
200 more even
and finally
100 jumping jacks.

so i made it.1000 jumping jacks.
and they are really good.harder than i thought it would be.but that was my i will keep with this for the week.
7000 jumping jacks this week then!!!!

so that covers todays workout,
but what about food?

i did not eat all raw.mostly raw.but i had a delicious vegan hoagie at work on my break piled super high with veggies.almost enough to qualify this as eating two hoagies.i was hungry.

i did not drink beer.only water and elixir and yes i did use the old steaz energy drink to make it through work tonite.i know...i need to just make me some mate concentrate and bring that to work.

after workout elixir.

local raw honey.
e 3 live
cacao nibs
hemp protein
4 brazil nuts


mustard green
raw tahini
him. salt

all in salad form....

man...i really wanna write some more,but so tired and im back at work in ten hours.i will catch up on some fun stuff 2moro

so i modify the challenge i set for myself to just sticking with sobriety from beer.and drinks in general.mostly raw.and still work out every damn day!!!!because its amazing.and im allowing more amazing in....

good nite

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