Monday, February 22, 2010

i aint trickin if you got it.....

day 15 of working out everyday
day4 no drinking or any bullshit
day 15 of feeling so damn good.

ratatat,julian casablancas,t.i.,kid cudi,at-the-drive-in!!!love that band.


brazil nut
local raw honey
hemp pro
sunfood raw cacao powder(damn fine yum yum...)
a few chunks of frozen nana
and of course,

kale(messaged with flax oil,him. salt,lemon,)
mustard green
and a lot of spiriulina.

i had a quick smoothie this morning just banana and small scoop of hemp protein to get the day going.....
i didn't work out first thing this morning because i was so damn exhausted from yesterday,i slept in till 11 am. only 5 hrs of sleep and i started practicing for my audition in my voice over acting work.i auditioned for nerf(super soaker) went well.
then i biked home from there so 5.8 mi total when i got home,and i was sooooo ready for a workout today.
i started the p90x not super freakin on this thing,but i do think its amazing and has a lot to offer.i did the plyometrics today which was by far the hardest thing i have done so far.its an hour long workout solid.including a 8 min. warmup and then a blaze of different sets full of fun plyocraziness....
one thing that was fun for me..
squat jumping jacks but squating.....crazy stuff.
and i still did my 1000 jumping jacks today.well on my way to my 30,000 jumping jacks in 30 looks crazy when i type it,but they feel so good.

so kinda took it easy.
worked 21 hours on fri and sat(combined hrs)in a very fast paced crazy environment on top of biking and working out and running errands so yesterdays workout was like a day off.
250 jumping jacks
5 min deep breathing super stretch
200 jumping jacks
200 jumping jacks
5 min shadow boxing
25 controlled and slow side kicks
100 as fast as i could jumping jacks....
that was it.
then i went to work.
thats allright though.i dont have to be wild everyday.
just most of them.

is produced naturally in the body.and the best way to get your body to release it is with interval sprints.
a quick 5 min jog,then sprint for 60 sec,slow jog for 60,
repeat as long as you can for maybe 10 minutes
and finish up with a jog of 5 min.
then wait an hour before you eat or drink a super tonic elixir..

H.G.H. burns fat more than anything,and your body releases it often in active people. you achieve an h.g.h . flush and you know this because your skin turns red and maybe a little itchy or tingly.thats when you know you got it.and can then begin your short jog......this interval thing is something im looking into a lot more and i know from some of the sexiest people ive known that it works.cause they have told me about it tomorrow im going to do the interval training and 1500 jumping jacks and thats it for in the burning as much fat as i can phase right now before i go on to a little bit of sculpting.

working out is great.we have a million different ways to work out(yoga,pilates,weight training,movnat((which you gotta check out)),martial arts,gardening,sports,i mean shit man.there is no excuse to not exercise)

sooooo many having a good time exploring a lot of em right now and seeing what i like and do not like.i have not been bored once and i feel so damn good after every workout that its just gotta be a daily waking up.and eating lean,whole,non processed food,and know what im talkin about?

go to the co-op
buy highest quality yerba mate
put 3 cups of dry mate into huge bowl
add enough water to get wet,
heat up some more water to 120 degrees
then add to mate
let soak for an hour
you now have mate concentrate for a quick energy boost through out the day.


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